E1: Formula 1 on water in Marbella

We're gearing up for something special here in Marbella this weekend! It combines high-speed thrills with sustainable innovation. Welcome to the E1 Series – the Formula 1 on water, making its debut in Spain. Come watch it in Puerto Banús

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What are the "Formula 1 Racebirds"

Puerto Banús is transforming into a high-speed arena this weekend. You'll see cutting-edge electric powerboats, known as Racebirds, skim the surface of the water. Some technical information about these powerboats:

Material Construction: Racebirds are crafted from lightweight carbon fibre. That allows for great agility and speed while ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Electric Power: Each Racebird is equipped with a 150-kilowatt electric battery.

Speed Capabilities: These boats can reach speeds up to 93 kilometres per hour.

Autonomy: The battery system in Racebirds offers about 40 minutes of autonomy.

Hydrofoil Technology: A notable feature of the Racebirds is their hydrofoil technology, which allows the boats to rise approximately 1 metre above the water's surface.

Design and Innovation: The design and technical specifications of Racebirds are overseen by experts in the field, including prominent figures from motorsport engineering.


Monaco, Jeddah, Geneva, Venice, Hong Kong, and...Marbella

The Puerto Banús GP, scheduled for June 1st, represents Spain's debut in the E1 Series, an international electric boat racing championship. Marbella joins the ranks of prestigious cities such as Monaco, Jeddah, Geneva, Venice, and Hong Kong, the latter of which will host the series finale.

Prepare for an impressive showcase of technological advancements. Register now and join us at Levante Beach in Puerto Banús. Gates open at 8:30 AM.

E1 = Sustainability + Inclusivity

Interestingly, the E1 Series prides itself on being a 'sustainable' event with a strong commitment to equality—each team consists of one man and one woman who take turns piloting the Racebirds. Marbella's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, and José María Arrabal, the Secretary-General for Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, have both emphasized the event's role in promoting sustainability and gender equality in sports. Featured contestants include:

Cris Lazárraga - The runner-up world champion in professional jet skiing, Cris not only competes fiercely on the water but also advocates for greater inclusion and visibility for women in motorsports, racing for Rafael Nadal’s team.

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Dani Clos - A former Formula 1 test driver, Dani brings his high-speed circuit experience to the aquatic arena, competing for Sergio Pérez’s team.

Lucas Ordóñez - Known for his leap from virtual racing in video games to real-life motorsports, Lucas races under the banner of actor Will Smith’s team.




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Rafael Nadal, Will Smith, Sergio Pérez, and more

Adding to the event's glamour, the competition features teams captained by international celebrities, including actor Will Smith and sports icons such as Rafael Nadal and former Formula 1 driver Sergio Pérez. The participation of competitors like Dani Clos, Lucas Ordóñez, and Cris Lazárraga—the latter a runner-up world champion in professional jet skiing—highlights the E1 Series' high level of competition and broad appeal.


The festivities begin on Friday, May 31, with Marc Anthony opening the weekend with a concert in San Pedro Alcántara. Join us for an unforgettable experience! The event is expected to reach over a billion people globally.

While you're here, don't miss the chance to visit Benahavís, just a 15-minute drive from Puerto Banús


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