Positioned in the heart of Andalusia's scenic landscape, Benahavís is one of the most charming and wealthiest municipalities in Spain. The area is known for its distinguished communities and manicured golf courses.

Old Town

While Benahavís is known for its upscale offerings, it also maintains a deep connection to its rich cultural heritage, evident in its charming whitewashed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and historical landmarks. going back to its Andalusian roots. This unique blend of culture, traditions, and natural beauty makes Benahavís a truly extraordinary destination. 

Outdoor activities

Benahavís connects a life of luxury and distinction with the beauty and tranquillity of nature, delivering a unique living experience. Whether you're drawn to its exceptional golf opportunities, top-tier amenities, or the chance to bask in the region's natural beauty, Benahavís provides a distinguished lifestyle and finer pleasures.

Golf Courses

Benahavís is reflected in its meticulously manicured golf courses. If you are a golf enthusiast or even just a casual player, Benahavís is like a treasure trove waiting to be explored. You can choose from 7 different golf courses in the area:

Marbella Club Golf (0.5km), El Higueral Golf (6km) Villa Padierna Golf (8km), Atalaya Golf (8km), Los Arqueros Golf (8km), Los Flamingos Golf (8km), and La Quinta Golf (11km).

Trekking, Cycling & more

Benahavís is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering an array of activities in its breathtaking natural surroundings. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on scenic trekking trails that wind through the rugged landscapes, revealing panoramic vistas at every turn.

Beaches and Beach Clubs

While Benahavís itself is nestled inland on the Costa del Sol, it's close to some renowned beaches and beach clubs that can be found a short drive away, mainly in the nearby Marbella and Estepona regions. You’ll find golden sands and tranquil atmosphere, including loungers, umbrellas, and a beachfront restaurant where you can savour delicious cuisine while taking in the panoramic views of the sea. The nearest are Costalita (7.3km –  15mins) and Villa Padierna Beach Club (7.6km – 16mins).


For families considering a move to Benahavís, there are several renowned international schools nearby that offer exceptional education opportunities. Some of the notable schools in the vicinity include: Aloha College, Swans International School, and Laude San Pedro International College. These institutions provide a comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and a nurturing environment to ensure a well-rounded education for students of all ages.


When it comes to healthcare facilities, Benahavís is conveniently located near several hospitals and medical centres that provide top-notch medical care, Hospiten Estepona, HC Marbella, and Hospital Quirón Marbella, to name just a few. They are esteemed medical facilities that offer a wide range of specialised services and state-of-the-art equipment to cater to the healthcare needs of residents and visitors in the area. In the event of a critical medical care, Helicopteros Sanitarios are available for swift and professional care.

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