The Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort is a world class Marbella golf course in Costa del Sol that exceeds even the highest expectations.

With a total length of 6,247m, the golf course is enhanced by carefully contoured fairways, beautiful waterfalls, lakes and strategically placed bunkers, as well as undulating and protected greens, maintained to perfection.

History & Design

The Marbella Club's chosen golf course designer, Dave Thomas, is highly regarded in the world of golf. As a player, he reached two Open play offs and was a regular member of the Ryder Cup team. His marque as a golf course architect and designer can be found on over 100 courses around the world.

The picturesque first hole typifies the quality of the course's design with beautifully contoured fairways and immaculate greens and marks the beginning of a memorable round of golf. The 18 holes measure in excess of 6,000 meters and comprise water features and demanding bunkers, a trademark of the course designer, encouraging players to search for the most advantageous approach shot.

Possibly his most famous work is associated with the PGA National course and The Belfry. Dave Thomas was delighted to join forces with the Marbella Club Hotel:

The opportunity to design and supervise the construction of a course in keeping with the tradition and prestige of the Marbella Club was irresistible. The course will rank amongst the best golf courses in Marbella AND Spain.

Bermuda 419 grass has been utilized on the fairways and tees, a blend of three grasses on the ante greens with a relatively new strain of American grass on the greens. The computer controlled irrigation system, alongside the latest in fairway moulding and contouring techniques allows for the course to be maintained in impeccable condition for year round play.

The front nine provides the unique experience of three consecutive par 5s, which not only represent a severe test early in the round but also offer some of the most picturesque scenery on the golf course. The tee on the seventh is the highest point on the course and provides a panoramic view of the coastline, Gibraltar and across to Africa. Stretching for over 6000 meters, combining length with clever placement of bunkers and water hazards plus intriguing green designs, the par 73 course culminates in one of the most dramatic 18th tees in Europe. One of many elevated tees, the par 5 , reachable in two for some pros, is a memorable final hole.

Course Guide

Hole 1. Par 4. (Hcp. 10)
374 • 311 • 303 • 293
The opening hole is a straightforward par 4, not too long but can be tricky. The second shot plays uphill to a small green. It would be wise to take an extra club when attacking the green.

Hole 2. Par 3. (Hcp 17)
136 • 112 • 86 • 86
A short but beautiful par 3. The front of the green is protected by a gorge which means that any miss should be long.

Hole 3. Par 4. (Hcp. 1)
376 • 338 • 314 • 297
It’s a long par 4 where the green is protected by a big lake, thus handicap 1. Due to its difficulty, most golfers would be better off thinking of this as a par 5.

Hole 4. Par 3. (Hcp 14)
175 • 167 • 157 • 101
A long uphill par 3 which usually calls for at least one extra club. The missed shot should be to the right as the ball will be collected towards the green by the banking.

Hole 5. Par 4. (Hcp. 8)
372 • 351 • 331 • 316
A beautiful downhill par 4. The tee shot should be played to the large platform level with the big tree on the left. The miss off the tee should be to the right as the banking on that side may save an errant shot. The second shot plays downhill to a green with 2 levels.

Hole 6. Par 5. (Hcp. 3)
511 • 498 • 480 • 387
A long dog-leg right par 5. Try to play your tee shot up the left side in order to get a better angle for the second shot. The third shot plays radically uphill so club up as well as checking where the flag is as this green has two distinct levels.

Hole 7. Par 5. (Hcp. 15)
467 • 456 • 445 • 417
A short downhill par 5 with spectacular views over Gibraltar and Africa. A good drive gives you a chance of reaching this in two. Take care when playing to this green as its left side is protected by a stream.

Hole 8. Par 5. (Hcp. 11)
465 • 457 • 414 • 382
A long downhill par 5. This green can be reached in two but that requires a long and precise tee shot that is lucky enough to catch the steep slope in the fairway. This hole is further complicated by the fact that the green is protected by two large, deep bunkers.

Hole 9. Par 3. (Hcp. 6)
199 • 164 • 138 • 112
A long downhill par 3. The front of this hole is protected by a waterfall that flows into a small lake on the left side of the green. The secret is to choose the right club on this magnificent but challenging hole.

Hole 10. Par 4. (Hcp. 7)
323 • 302 • 276 • 260
A short downhill par 4.The tee shot doesn’t have to be long but must be accurate. The shot to the green is complicated by a small lake that hugs the right side of the green.

Hole 11. Par 4. (Hcp. 2)
350 • 333 • 319 • 305
A very long uphill par 4. The tee shot should be played down the right as this yields a better angle to attack the green. The green is large but a par here is a great result.

Hole 12. Par 3. (Hcp. 18)
146 • 138 • 117 • 106
This medium-length par 3 plays uphill. The front of the green is protected by a deep bunker, so choose more club to make sure you avoid this hazard.

Hole 13. Par 5. (Hcp. 9)
485 • 468 • 426 • 410
A dog-leg left par 5. The courageous player can try to get there in two by driving over the lefthand bunker. Most golfers would be wise to play the tee shot out to the right and play it as a three-shot par 5.

Hole 14. Par 4. (Hcp. 13)
316 • 293 • 261 • 249
A short and quite narrow par 4. The safest way to play the hole is with a tee shot that stays short of the fairway bunker. This leaves 110m to the middle of the green. Club selection is critical as the green is very shallow.

Hole 15. Par 3. (Hcp. 16)
193 • 166 • 105 • 105
A long challenging downhill par 3. The better miss is to the right side as the ball comes back off the slope towards the green.

Hole 16. Par 4. (Hcp. 4)
350 • 338 • 323 • 276
A strategic par 4. The first shot, not necessarily a driver, should be played towards the fairway bunker thus avoiding the lake on the right. From there you have a good chance to attack the hole.

Hole 17. Par 4. (Hcp. 5)
388 • 372 • 356 • 340
A long classic par 4. The second shot calls for a long carry to this large green. Beware of the big bunker cut into the front right of the green.

Hole 18. Par 5. (Hcp. 12)
495 • 460 • 419 • 384
A spectacular downhill par 5, one of the most amazing holes in Andalusia. The high tee offers amazing views of the coast and Gibraltar. A good drive gives you the chance of reaching in two, setting up a birdie finish or maybe even something better